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Welcome to the comprehensive The Game Wikia. The Game is a science fiction novel written by author Mina Yu.


In Mina Yu's science fiction novel The Game, protagonists Blythe and Quinn find themselves facing the trials and tribulations of survival, loyalty, and friendship when they awake in a supposedly government-funded experiment called The Game. Being criminals on a death/life sentence, all 21 contestants of the game are given the opportunity to clear their sentence, attain a steady job, be rewarded the object of their greatest desire before The Game, and return to their daily lives scot-free.

The Game is comprised of thirteen rounds, in which all contestants will be tested and judged individually to determine their fate. Each round has a Target, or a player around which it will revolve. Despite having met all requirements for participation in The Game (including a specific, prodigal ability), none of the contestants have any recollection of their lives before the events of The Game.

There can only be 3 victors; elimination occurs when a contestant is unable to continue, unconscious for more than 5 minutes, or is killed.

There is no way out but death or victory.

As Quinn and Blythe fight for survival in rounds ranging from wooded forests to amusement parks, the two allies struggle to retain their values and trustworthiness in each other as they encounter sharp, some cowardly, and some lethal contestants throughout The Game. Quinn fights with her wits as her weapons and strives to maintain her own values as she battles to keep herself and her friends alive. Blythe, on the other hand, is an incredibly strong and capable ally, but struggles to repress her berserk alter-ego.

Mina Yu's The Game unprecedentedly showcases the concepts of justice vs. mercy, our own genuine psychologies, love, and what it takes to survive in a world clouded with ambiguous morals as her characters forge on despite their dark and burdened pasts. You can find artist and writer Mina Yu's DeviantArt account here:

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